John Nelson


  • 已参加比赛 35
  • 进球 0
  • 辅助 1
  • 最后出场( 天之前) 46

Measuring 175cm, FC Dallas'' average player height succumbs John Nelson by 4cm. John Nelson is a male defender from United States of America, who has been playing for FC Dallas in United States of America since January 11, 2019. He was used in none of the matches in the present term. He is a left footer just as 33% of FC Dallas. Having been born in 1998, on July 11, John Nelson's age of 20 makes him junior to the average player of FC Dallas.

At present, FC Dallas is in fourth place in Desert Diamond Cup (United States of America), while in Major League Soccer (United States of America) (group Western Conference) they are in fourth place. Besides John Nelson, there are six more defenders in FC Dallas'' lot: Callum Montgomery, Reggie Cannon, Reto Ziegler, Marquinhos Pedroso, Bressan and Matt Hedges. With each day at FC Dallas, he is extending his personal record stay with a club which counts 4 months for the time being.

Throughout his time as professional football player, he was not once sanctioned with a card. John Nelson plays with the jersey number 26. In terms of winning, his team was able to do so in 50% of Desert Diamond Cup's and in 40% of Major League Soccer's matches. Prior to joining FC Dallas, he played for USA. Throughout his professional career, John Nelson participated in 7 games, the last appearance being seven days ago. Four months has been the stubbiest period that he was contracted to a team (the current one).

(Last edited May 12, 2019)