Maarten De Fockert


  • 已参加比赛 17
  • 进球 0
  • 辅助 0
  • 最后出场( 天之前) 145

Standing 1.89 meter high, Maarten De Fockert is larger, when looking at the average height in his team. Born on February 20, 1995, Maarten De Fockert's age of 24 underlies his team's mean. In July 2018, Flemish goalkeeper Maarten De Fockert joined SBV Excelsior (Netherlands), whom he is still playing for. He had no match appearances this season. In Eredivisie (Netherlands), SBV Excelsior is in 16th position. 47% of SBV Excelsior's football players are right footers and so is Maarten De Fockert.

His jersey displays the number 23. Three years and 11 months was the maximum period he ever played in a team, which is SC Heerenveen (Netherlands). Maarten De Fockert's shortest stay in a club has been eleven months in his present-day squad. At 194lb, he carries 27lb more than the average SBV Excelsior player. Concerning the latest matches, his club lost in Eredivisie. Maarten De Fockert completes SBV Excelsior's goal department, alongside players like Sonny Stevens, Alessandro Damen, Tuana Ozdemir and Nelson Konings.

He reached the 13 appearances milestone as a professionl, the last one being 739 days ago. Prior to joining SBV Excelsior, he played for VVV Venlo, Go Ahead Eagles and SC Heerenveen. In his footballer career, not a single card was ascribed to Maarten De Fockert.

(Last edited May 15, 2019)